Intervention Schedule
Students who are numbers 1-12 will be using the laptops to complete Fast Math.

While numbers 13-27 will complete the following activity


Today's Math Lesson will help us with our understanding of different graphing models.
Click upon the video link below to learn more about charting data.

Think of a question that you could survey the class about.
Using our class list, walk around the room to collect your data.
Please speak to one another in a level 1 spy talk voice.

Create a Bar Graph for your Survey Using this Site

Next... identify the median, mode, range, outliers, clumps, holes, and intervals for your data.

Let's Check for Our Understanding with this (quiz)

We are finished... now what can we do?

Practice Taking a Survey of a Small Class

Make another Graph Using Graping Paper

Dick and Dom Interactive Video (you may have to right click on the video and click play)