Slow Changes to the earth

Study Jams Weathering and Erosion

Landforms Link

Livebinders links

Study Jams Rock Cycle

Intro to landforms K-2

7 basic landforms (great pics)

Types of landforms

Other landforms

Landform Glossary

Landform Webquest

EarthKam resources

Great pictures of various landforms

Search for landforms from space

Weathering & Erosion

Weather Study Guide!

Download PowerPoint on Erosion & Weathering
Weathering & Erosion Project by kids
Rocky Mountain Weathering & Erosion
Weathering vs. Erosion

Earth (Rocks & Volcanoes)
Earth Study Guide
4th Grade Soil Study Guide!
Download Rock Cycle Jeopardy PowerPoint
Sedimentary, Metamorphic, and Igneous animations & information
Rock Cycle & Rock Identification chart
Download PowerPoint on Rock Cycle!
Earth Science Powerpoints
Excellent Rock Cycle Interative Website for Grade 5!
Excellent Volcano Interactive website with test!
Excellent Interactive Plate Tectonics Website!
Excellent Earth Guided Learning website!
Excellent Learning Through Pictures!
Rock Activities
Earth Science SOL Links
Rocks & Minerals Worksheets & Activities
Types of Rocks SOL 5.7
Learn about the Rocks in the Sands around the world
Rock Cycle
**Rock Animations!**
Become a Rock Expert!
Earth's Interior Picture
Earth's Interior
Volcano movies and Information!

Plate Tectonics

Download PowerPoint on Plate Tectonics Part 1

Download PowerPoint on Plate Tectonics Part 2

Learn Through Pictures about Plate Tectonics!

Volcano Information!

Plate Tectonics

Volcano World (See Current Pictures of Eruptions!)

Virtual Earthquake

Excellent Plate Tectonics & Volcano info for kids

Activities for Plate Tectonics

Information on Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics

Pictures and Info on Plate Tectonics

All About Volcanoes

Volcanoes for kids

Earthquake Crossword Puzzle Online

As promised... I have added the Eagle Cam for you!
Eagle Cam