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Follow the Blogging in our class by visiting the link below.

Our Book Blog is a brand new blog designed to give students aexternal image bookshelf2.gif place where they can review and recommend the Reading Counts books they’re reading each week. Each time a student finishes a book during the school week, he or she can log-in to the blog and write a short post about the book, giving a brief summary along with his or her opinion of the book. In doing so, we will be able to track the types of books we are reading throughout the remaining days in school. Hopefully, we find that our selections are covering a variety of genres.

I'm excited about the idea of having our class log their weekly progress in this fashion! The blog is hosted by a really nice website called Kidblog.org. The site is designed to provide free, easy-to-use blogs for elementary and middle school students. All student accounts are password-protected, and student posts and comments are sent to Mr. Thompson for approval before they are published. This ensures that only appropriate content is published to the blog. No email addresses or personal information is required, and there is no advertising of any kind on the blog. We hope you enjoy reading about some our great treasures we find this year.

Book Report Link from Read Write Think